Some of the technology we pride ourselves on in running operations are as follows:

  • Electronic Data Management (EDM)
  • Web Bookings
  • Hand Held PDA Units
  • GPS Fleet Tracking (inc Client Specific Access)
  • Integration with Client TMS
  • Detailed Reporting including accurate KPIs

Web Bookings

Our software enables anyone with internet access to book online with us. This eliminates waiting, creates an audit trail and gives you the ability to track and trace each job as well as proof of delivery and time.

Hand Held PDA Units

These highly portable unit allows drivers to electronically receive information from our dispatchers and web bookings. This process minimizes human error and gives each driver access to much more information. On receipt, the driver obtains an electronic proof of delivery.

GPS Tracking

Our fleet is controlled by a state of the art satellite vehicle tracking system, which pinpoints the locations of each vehicle in real time. We also retain a history of each delivery (track).

Community Responsibility

Hybrid Enviro Fleet GreenPower Greenfleet FCC Smile Brain Foundation

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