About Us

Speed Express Transport Shipping is a World Wide Door to Door Parcel Courier & Security Service specifically setup to cater for the low and high volume or non account holding customer looking to solve their transport requirements. As technology has grown over the years the options available for people to buy and sell products over the internet has grown at a rapid rate. Through the creation of the world wide web, and its search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, the ability for the end user to purchase goods at a discount price due to lower business overheads has become very achievable and the range of products on offer is increasing every day.


Speed Express Transport Shipping sees itself as one of the most innovative courier companies. Several years ago we made a very difficult decision.

We took the challenge of employing company drivers whilst the industry standard took the less risky option of taking on sub-contractors.

We consider this to a step that should be taken in the interest of the courier industry to promote professionalism. We consider company drivers to be an enormous advantage, givingSpeed Express Transport Shipping greater control over such issues as:

Driver Training & Appearance

Fleet management

Vehicle appearance, vehicle reliability, age, maintenance and safety equipment

The issues above along with many others are controlled and maintained with the aid of fleet supervisors and a fleet manager. This has also resulted in a much more stable and reliable fleet ensuring further growth and professionalism within our organisation.

Specialised Requirements

Some of our employee drivers have been specially trained in such areas as Dangerous Goods Management, fleet management and warehousing. Our office staff has been encouraged to seek various skills and accordingly have been trained in areas such as Customer relations, Accounts Keeping and Quality Assurance Management.

Community Responsibility

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